My older brother has always been an huge inspiration for me, unconsciously I wanted to do everything he was doing, dress like him, speak like him, I even started to draw because he did, I definitely looked up to him and I still do. I took the time to visit him last winter when he was working on his new body of work at his atelier in Paris.

à Paris : quelques questions avec Julian Farade.

Interview & Photography Farade Nicolas


What’s your daily routine?
I don't have one, unfortunately. I guess that my day really began when I take a good shower and feel awake!

How would you describe your work?
It is a really tricky question, my work is a combination of emotion and places put on paper. I know it's cliché to say this but it is just a way of communication. 

What’s your process like? Is there a lot of sketching or prep work before each piece?
I clean my desk first then I put all the preview drawing out of my vision and after. I did not do that much sketching, well it depends. But every work is kinda like a one shot. 

What is your relationship with colors? 
Colors are everything. I take an infinite pleasure in mixing colors that are not supposed to go alongside. I am working with pink and brown colors these days. Colors can be read easily by everyone and also they bring visual energy onto the work.

What is the latest movie you saw?
Wild at heart from David Lynch.

Do you have a favorite one?
No, because it depends on my mood.

What book have you read more than 1 time?
La vie matérielle de Marguerite Duras.

Do you read magazines or newspaper as well, if yes which ones?
I discover recently la nouvelle revue française, it's a magazine about literature. I am really glad to have found it last month. It is a like a good combination of novels, fictions & critics!


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