Places, Amsterdam, Danemark

Texts & Photography Farade Nicolas

“I have never been to Amsterdam before and actually I have done the opposite by visiting a friend to Rotterdam before heading to "Dam" as all the people I know call this place. I am not even sure if some of them went to Rotterdam to be honest... I just didn't really felt the envy to go Amsterdam like everyone does especially from the things I heard... Actually it was one of my homies birthday, Lahi. Some of my good buddies were planning a trip to Holland to celebrate his born day in the sweetest conditions ever. I decided at the last minute to follow them in this quick adventure. I went by car with people I didn't know - It took probably 5 hours more or less to arrive in front of the Air Bnb they rented.

A quite beautiful space! All my friends were already settled, I had a room waiting for me. The first night went smoothly all the boys were already cooling down, we didn't do much. Unfortunately and as you can see from the images above, there are not many pictures (there are none) from the town, I didn't know what happened there, I was probably too tired to took some, I can't remember really, let's say I had too much fun too document what we were doing. I am sorry but this is the shittiest "Journey" post made - I will make it up to you later if I go there one more time.”

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