Places, Copenhagen, Denmark

Texts & Photography Farade Nicolas

One of my first destination this year was Danemark. I was planning to go since a few months but I jumped on the occasion to organize a short trip in Copenhagen for a special event, Distortion (A week of massive daytime street parties, underground night club events all around the city).

A friend of mine told me that if I was going to go there well, what better period than beginning of June... I booked my tickets a week or two before, found a really cool place to stay over the weekend and that was it. A quick stop to drop our stuff and on our way to the place. We had to walk 30 minutes to get to the first spot, because concept is that each days, a different area gets the party going on the streets. Once there, you dived instantaneously into the vibe. People in every corner, dancing, drinking, having fun it's like the 14th of July x 10. (Unfortunately I did not took any pictures of it, so you might not believe me, but hey whatever you can just "google" that shit up).


The first day was definitely exhausting but fun. We met a friend of us who lived there, she showed us the area, wandered around, eating some kebab and drinking cheap beers whilst trying to find the best music. When we finally found it we where joined by a few friends that were there since the beginning of the event (yes, that was too bad because we missed the first day and it's "always" the best day) You have to know that the parties that are going on the streets are obviously free, then if you need more entertainment, well you have to spend money for the evening concerts... That was not our plan. We just wanted to chill in town, rent some bikes and enjoy what the CPH has to offer.

As you can imagine the rest of the week was definitely more quiet; We met again with our local friend, went eating to the restaurant she was working, wrote down some cool addresses we had to visit. We weren't in any kind of hurry and managed to get some bikes for the rest of the week. It wasn't expensive at all and since we've been walking the first 2 days, you quickly understand that owning your own bycicle is something natural there. At any moment of the day, you will basically find someone biking. That is the perfect way to enjoy yourself while discovering the city.  


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