Places, Font-Romeu, Pyrénées, France

Text & Photography Ulrich Adamjee

“After Paris-Montpellier by train, we drove 3 hours to reach a ski resort in the Pyrénées between Perpignan and Andorra. It was my first time up there, spending time in the mountains after 27 years on this planet. Since I love challenges, what a better occasion to learn how to snowboard without any private lessons? Well, it was just a stupid choice considering that it’s definitely not like skateboarding at all and if you do, that won’t be a big help, you’ll have to practice at least a few hours to be at your ease. You will fall several times, get up, fall again until you'll no longer feel your wrist, coccyx, knees and be completely discouraged within the first day! However, it's a small price to pay to enjoy this incredible surrounding and overall experience. Unfortunately, I did not tame the beast in 3 days, it wasn't enough, yet, I discovered a new discipline, spent unique moments in the company of my girlfriend and our friends in the middle of the mountains.”


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