Places, Mexico City

Photography & Text Farade Nicolas

“I traveled to Mexico City out of curiosity because I knew someone that lived there for a few months. I didn't know anything about this city and to tell you the truth it wasn't a place I thought about visiting before. I book a ticket for a month there and an Air Bnb two days after. Once there, settled I made a quick tour of the neighborhood, got some food and went back home. I had rendezvous planned, for the magazine, some interviews I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I didn't stay for the whole month, I had to shorten my trip because of a personal reason. Even know I canceled this voyage I still had time to sightseeing a town one hour away from the city and got to meet with a few people, Hugo owner of a skateboarding brand, chilled with him and his friend and eat a lot of local food.”


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