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“The volume six was entirely produced in Tokyo that means all pictures and 90% of the texts, interviews were written while I was in town. This is always a good excuse to go on a trip, working on this specific project keeps me focused on a goal to reach & I am always motivated to do something from my holidays (I hate this term). Tokyo. How to start this very special chapter. After spending more than 2 weeks in this vibrant town, working on the volume 6 (sold out, but you can see some of the highlights here) I decided to share pictures took during my séjour in Japan. I don't really know how to begin since I have already told pretty much everything about it in a more extended way on the previous issue. Therefore, I won't copy/paste things written, thoughts shared, nonetheless I can always talk about Tokyo, I mean, who doesn't? It's hard to find someone who is gonna say


"I was in there and dude it sucked, don't go there"

It is always quite the opposite. No one could hate this town. You want to go back quickly and in a short time. Before leaving for Tokyo I bought the Japan Rail Pass, a ticket that allows you to travel inside the country for free (in a specific period). I choose the 14 days pass (336€). The initial plan was to settle in Tokyo and while there, take the time to book hostel in Kyoto, Osaka & more -if I could- I was unluckily because during that short amount of time (I thought 18 days was more than enough for a first trip) but, I only visited Kyoto.


I am not complaining it's just that when you have the chance to travel in this kind of destination you want to enjoy every part of it. I guess it's okay because it is not going to disappear in a day, right!

The first days were ok, weather as well, similar to what we had in Paris. My apartment was 30 minutes away from Shibuya (in subway) which isn't bad, unless you're bored taking the transport network. The only thing was that they stop around midnight and since the cabs are expensive I had to walk several time for one hour to be at home. That's how in less than a week I wasn't even looking at my Google Map application to find my way! 

The second week, I met all the people I wanted to for the magazine so basically after working on it, I spent most of the time wandering in Shibuya, Daikanyama & Harajuku, visiting the homies I made within the first week. Japanese people are very friendly & respectful, it's nice to not feel disoriented in such a country like Japan. Except for the language which could be an obstacle sometimes to get what you want, it took a few days to understand how they are living in society. 

The things you cannot do, like smoking if you are not into those specific "area", to be in line when the subway is coming, it was some of the few things I found  confusing at the beginning since in Paris (especially) we live like animals...

I also took the time to visit Tamaki Niime's atelier in Nishiwaki (Hyōgo Prefecture).

Visit Tamaki Niime atelier & Store. 
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