Places, Japan — Tokyo

Text & Photography Farade Nicolas, shot in Mars 2019

It seemed more appropriate to split the colorful images from the b&w ones simply because it was another narrative... If you want to take a look, here’s the first part.

“I booked a ticket to Tokyo last month, two years since my latest trip to Japan and yes, I missed it. Even know I spent four days inner city it felt like I never really left. I visited some friends I met during my first stay and others along the way. I didn't plan to work on any interviews although I thought about it for quite some time. It's quite hard to not think about work when traveling, especially when you have the opportunity to go in those place, I always feel frustrated. I spent the four days wandered around, walked from Kawasaki to Nakameguro to Shibuya and spent a half day in one of my favorites bookstores, Tsutaya, in Daikanyama t site. It was a good break from Taipei.”



Listening while Traveling
Virgin Ubiquity Remixed EP2 by Roy Ayers Third Time - Jeremy All New Late Night Slide


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