From 2012 to nowadays, I kept exploring different ways of creation. Le Journal was born from that envy to share widely my thoughts on things I am living, doing on daily basis. I somehow always found a tremendous pleasure in writing.

It seemed to me that creating something like a book is more valuable than anything else, this piece of paper, that particular object will last. In a period where I felt a creative breakdown I found refuge in books where I could create something completely new.

There are mostly analog clichés about the cities I've spent time exploring but not only. This is more than a simple story telling, pictures put aside with no real meaning. It is a particular segment in my life, a time capsule, a few stones put aside, moments that will be remembered in a lifetime. 

Journal de Bord is an annual, experiment essay that focus on specific cities, places and faces I encounter. In Journal de Bord, images all images shot are taken with analog cameras, some you will find work from collaborative artists, curators, texts published collaboratively rather than curatorially. Journal de Bord isn't about photography, even if the main part of the magazine are pictures.

Making Contact

Althought the magazine is an independant publication as stated below, we always strived to produce the best in terms of contents, design, photography & above all writting. We are a small team gathered around the need of curiosity and awareness. We are looking forward to expand our creative consciousness through the eyes of creative people. What better tool than Internet to do so? Please, if you stop by here, enjoyed what you read, saw and want to say what'sup, don't hesitate. We will be thrilled to discuss with you or who knows, maybe you will be next helping us making this project more than alive.


Journal De Bord
Digital Magazine, Paris.