about documenting™ (life) #5


Discography  own selection

  1. Substances | 1996, Recall.
  2. DJ-Kicks | 1997, !K7.
  3. The Beat Assassinated | 1998, Inflamable.
  4. The Loa Project | 2000, Six Degrees.
  5. The French Connection | 2000, Shadow.
  6. HoneyMoon | 2001, Chronowax.
  7. Soulshine | 2002, Inflamable.
  8. Liquid Hip Hop | 2003, Inflamable.
  9. Seven | 2011, !K7 & Inflamable.

Watching documentaries has always been one of my favorite past-time hobbies. You can literally stumble on anything when you are on the internet that is why I ofently try to take the time to put the right channels in front of me, some which are keeping you focus, inspired & give you another motivation to go further your body of work. In this following blog post I will try to share some of my favourite channel, or simply videos about artists, designers, photographers & more creative, inspiring people that composed my journey. 

DJ Cam is probably the only French artist I listen on a weekly basis. I discovered his music when I stumbled on a Trip Hop website probably 8 years ago. It was like receiving a punch in my face, real hard & real quick by a little girl because I stole her fucking barbie. It's not acceptable. It's never to late to discover such fantastic things but when I do I became completely crazy and dive in completely, I had to.

➬ Listen to the Musical Podcast I made about him.


DJ Cam's music evokes gloomy cityscapes, but he's as fascinated by fleeting moments of beauty as he is by decay. All his ingredients are utterly familiar, but by replacing bravado with heartbreak, he makes it all sound new.

Short Bio — by Sean Cooper

Parisian hip-hop devotee Laurent Daumail is one of a few but growing number of French artists updating hip-hop for the chill-out crowd, drawing on the beats'n'samples groundwork of producers such as Rakim, DJ Premier, and Prince Pauland combining it with broad, impressionistic strokes of dub, jazz, and soundtrack-y ambience. Like countrymen the Mighty Bop and la Funk Mob, Cam is stylistically closest to Mo'Wax artists such as DJ Shadow and DJ Krush; minimalist, downbeat instrumental hip-hop built from obscure samples and stomp-box turntable accompaniment, bent and twisted into new, artfully arranged compositions.

DJ CAM / lejournaldebord.fr

— DJ CAM portrait by Milan Vukmirovic.