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018 Magazines You Could Be Interested In


When I was visiting Tokyo last November I brought a few magazines in my suitcase. Some were not unfamiliar to my knowledge, evidently I discovered a few more along the way. HUGE magazine -for example (that I did not put on the list below and appears to not be on the market anymore) was the first one I remember buying at the OFR library in Paris at a fair price of 2 euros, 6 years ago. The things is that I did not expect to be overwhelmed by the quantity - at all.

Beside the wonderful Casa Brutus, Studio Voice & The Surfer's Journal those publications are mostly fashion oriented. So, beside their titles & aesthetic that makes their original signature , if you take a closer look at the contents well, it goes -kind off- in the same direction : to showcase a trendy type of lifestyle and gives you a really specific insight on "How you should wear garments". That does not mean I don't enjoy them, on the contrary, it is a interesting source of inspiration.


Capture d’écran 2017-10-29 à 14.27.35.png

issue from left to right

  1. Eyescream (Post Military) No. 137

  2. Grind (This Is Tokyo Things) No. 076

  3. Ollie (Skate & HipHop) No. 04

  4. Casa BRUTUS (の教科書) No. 200

  5. BRUTUS (試し読みと目次) No. 855

  6. THEM (The American Novel Chase) No. 12

  7. POPEYE (試し読みと目次) No. 846

  8. STUDIOVOICE (ゆらぐエロ) No. 411

  9. THE SURFER'S JOURNAL (日本語版) 26.1

magazine 3.jpg

issue from left to right

  1. Warp (The Standard) No. 011

  2. Ocean (オーシャンズ) No. 010

  3. Uomo (デジタル版) No. 012

  4. Rudo (ルード) No. 012

  5. Fudge (My Favourite Outer) No. 173

  6. Cluel (クルーエル) No. 031

  7. Onkul (オンクル) No. 08

  8. Premium (Timeless Pieces) No. 012

  9. Nice Things (Living Place) No. 11






One of the most iconic place to found all the books above and  definitely way more than just publications is the T-Site located in upscale side of Daikanyama. The site is wide and contains a movie department, a music area and a lounge space. It is a place you can be at ease, drink your coffee, work & also read in total quietness. A must go. 

AnotherBook Selection



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"In 1983, the first Tsutaya opened its doors in Osaka. Conceived as a lifestyle store by Muneaki Masuda, Tsutaya began as a shop renting and selling books, videos, and music. Since then, it has become an all-encompassing Japanese pop culture platform. In 2011, the company behind the Tsutaya project, CCC, introduced an evolved form of the Tsutaya bookstore in Daikanyama. Based on information from the brand’s “T Point” membership program, the brand continues to suggest a new lifestyle concept, spanning from appliances to smartphones."

  1. Picture I took during my trip in Tokyo :View from the T-Site.

  2. Picture I took during my trip in Tokyo :View from the Tsutaya Bookstore.

  3. Brand Balance Magazine vol.037 "Tsutaya Bookstore".