By hanging with inspiring people, knowing what they were doing on a daily basis I wanted to focus on their craft, passions & aspirations throughout analog pictures I shot & foremost discussions that took place behind the scene with them. I wanted to share what was for me the essence of le Journal :  portrait of creative people I met during my journey.


entretiens & photography essay - caring by sharing.








Recorded in PARIS July 04, 2018

Lionel Fracture Jolie Foulée

I met Lionel when I was working at Carhartt. He was working next door for Bleu de Paname. I do not remember how I ended up on the Jolie Foulée website, and also had no idea that he was one of the main founders. Nevertheless, I knew that he regularly practiced racing. I took the time to talk to him, curious to know more about his motivations, his occupation and desire to share his passion for athletics by creating a dynamic community gathered around the same motto.  I spent a morning with Lionel, Alassan & Nicolas, following one of their training not far from my home.


Recorded in PARIS June 07, 2018

Inès Manai Photographer

From time to time, I enjoy watching short or lengthy documentaries on photography, even if I do not know what makes a good photographer from another however, I find it interesting to listen to the technical side of this specific craft. We had two rendezvous, conversing about her studies, wisdom, and love for Photography.

Recorded in PARIS March 13, 2018

Hannah Rosselin Director

One of the first work I've seen from Hannah Rosselin was more than a year ago, maybe less. It was a video clip she made when she was in Los Angeles. I immediately fell in love with her aesthetic and was delighted to find more. I had the opportunity to sat with her at the Mistral Gagnant, one of her favorite places to have a coffee while discussing her travels, aspirations and passion for video.

Recorded in PARIS March 07, 2018

Radical PR agency

I went to Radical's office without paying attention to this detail during a weekend of fashion week. The place was lovely, spacious, filled with good vibes. It was not until I left the space that I came across Danesh, who was kind enough to ask me if I wanted something to drink He introduced himself and told me that if I wanted to  come again, the doors were always opened. Duly noted, I came back as agreed during an afternoon to discuss with him & Paul about their past career, the launch of their PR agency.

Recorded in PARIS March 16, 2018

La Draft Brand

I met AB, Smith and Oussman via Danesh their PR. I went to their first Pop Up end of January 2018 which took place Passage Choiseul in the 2nd arrondissement in Paris. I wasn't really familiar with the upcycling concept so what better opportunity to learn more about it through the work of La Draft.

Recorded in PARIS Feb. 10, 2018

Petit Pont Brand

It is a small world in which we live. That's what I thought when I met Jessica and Jean Joseph invited by Lahi, a friend, at a friendly starting pot. A few minutes later and a brief introduction Jessica spoke about her  clothing brand Petit Pont.  I decided to met them and discuss about the birth, growth, development of their brand.

Recorded in PARIS Jan. 30, 2018

1991 Books Publisher

I met Matteo through friends we had in common about 4 years ago. We had the opportunity to meet again afterwards because we had similar interests. I learned that he had created 1991 books with one of his childhood friends Etienne.

Recorded in PARIS Jan. 18, 2018

Thibault Choay | Publisher

I met Thibault at a launch of the latest book by multidisciplinary artist Ana Kraš more than a year ago now. I was curious to know more about his past experiences and desire to create a publishing house.

Recorded in PARIS Nov. 28, 2017

Ouriel Zéboulon | Tattoo Artist

Since a few years I thought about getting a tattoo. Quite an hard decision to take when you have to think about what, where. The most complicated aspect was to find someone who will be able to get the things right.

Recorded in PARIS Dec. 11, 2017

Laurette Broll | Ceramic Artist

I met Laurette briefly 10 years ago I can't really remember where exactly but I think it was throughout a mutual friend. I stumble on her Facebook profile recently and was surprised to see that she was doing ceramic work since a few years. 

Recorded in PARIS Nov. 01, 2017

Paperboy Restaurant

Where to find a good place to spend a good amount of time when you're not at home? A place where you can be at ease, meet your friends, relax while talking about your week, upcoming projects and more.

Recorded in PARIS Sept. 03, 2017

Julian Farade | Artist

My older brother has always been an huge inspiration for me. I took the time to visit him last winter when he was working on his new body of work at his atelier in Paris.







all the interviews were recorded during my séjour in

TAIPEI in November 2017.

I spent 11 days in Taipei working on the second part of the upcoming volume 07 of Le Journal. During this short period I have met so many inspiring people, many more that I could ever imagine that it was a natural process for me to take the time to showcase their creative mindset. When I had the chance, I sat down with some of them to discuss about their endeavour to create a new identity & culture in Taiwan.

Recorded in TAIPEI Nov. 17, 2017

Denzel & Taro | Musicians

I met Denzel when I was in Tokyo last November. I was at this party organized my friends from XLARGE at Harlem Club in Shibuya when I bumped into him while dancing to Travis Scott. We kept in touch after my departure..

Recorded in TAIPEI Nov. 15, 2017

Lc & Josh | Rapper & Producer

I met with LC through my friend Denzel two days after listening to some of his music in his car. He quickly set up a meeting with him.We caught up with LC after a late night drive when he was meeting with some of his pals..

Recorded in TAIPEI Nov. 14, 2017

Yu Wei Chen | Creative

All the ventures I lived in Taipei happened quite randomly but always in a good spirit. I met friends of friends through their own friends. I spent a small part of the evening with Yu-wei when we went to hang around Wanhua District with Denzel..

Recorded in TAIPEI Nov. 12, 2017

PrettyNiceLtd | Clothing Designer

I followed Taiwanese brand PrettyNice & DeMarcoLab all day long while they were shooting their new capsule collaboration. I wanted to know more about Warren, the launch of his brand PrettyNice and how was the streetwear scene in Taipei like...

This is all the interviews I made extract from the past & recent issues of le Journal. Thanks to the people I have been able to met & took the time to sat down to chat. I hope you'll enjoy all the aspects from it, from the visuals to the words stated!


Interviews extract from the past Journal issues

Recorded in TOKYO November 21, 2016

 Laurence Keefe | Adidas Skate Japan 

The last interview I did in Tokyo wasn’t supposed to happen. In fact, it was done exactly 4 days before my departure. Uruma Masanori (Skate Distributor) was the one who introduce me to Laurence.

Recorded in TOKYO November 12, 2016

  Chace Fedor Creative Director

I met Chace through my friend Bao. When I told her that I was going to stay in Tokyo three weeks, she instantly thought about him. I reached to him when I returned from Holland. He was the first people I sat down with to discuss.

Recorded in PARIS April 15, 2015

Luidgi Gaydu Cons France Team Manager

He doesn’t really need any particular introduction when you are referring about the Parisian skate scene. But hey, since you might be new to this, here’s a small one : For more than 8 years he was living in New York city. 

Recorded in PARIS April 03, 2014

Julien Reignoux Brand : Les Petites Séries

To be honest I ‘m not always paying attention to the people I freshly met. I first heard about Les Petites Séries from a friend who carried one of the small accessory from the brand.  I was curious to meet the guy behind the brand. I met with Julien in his office to learn more about the way he creates and took time to shoot a small editorial of the brand.

Recorded in TOKYO November 18, 2016

 Tamaki Niime Textile Designer

Another reason of my visit in Hyōgo was to meet with the atelier/store of designer Tamaki Niime. I was able -once there- to take pictures of the atelier and see how their product were made.

Recorded in NEW YORK October 14, 2015

 Jamil GS Photographer 

I stumbled on the work from Jamil four years ago, a short time after my first trip to NYC. I remember that I kept a few pictures from him on a folder on my computer just because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find them.

Recorded in PARIS December 19, 2014

 Yannick Do Creative Consultant

On a Tuesday morning I sat down with creative consultant, Yannick Do in a coffee near République  to talk about his career, previous experiences with OFR & NIKE where he started his early career as a creative consultant.

Recorded in PARIS May 16, 2013

Mark SBTG Artist

I had the pleasure to take a look at the new exhibition of the well - known designer Mark Ong aka, Mark SBTG.This time SBTG was invited in Paris to exhibit his new body of work. We had the chance to met with the artist & talk a little bit about his time in Paris and especially the work he made for this special occasion.

Recorded in TOKYO November 16, 2016

  James Oliver Creative Director

One of the very first person I thought I would contact when I booked my ticket for Tokyo was James Oliver, co-founder of SLAM X HYPE. I wanted to know more about his work.


Recorded in PARIS January 21, 2015

Bleu De Paname Brand & Editorial

There are people that you met through your life that will be beneficent to you in many ways. I met Thomas Giorgetti & Christophe Lépine the founders of French Brand Bleu de Paname. 

Recorded in PARIS Octobre 13, 2014

 Gregory Cazanove Tikok - Second Hand Store

A place to gather. That is one of the first sentence Gregory said to me when I was asking him about his second hand shop Tikok. I think he was right so I joined him there and asked him a few questions about his choice to open a place like this.

Recorded in PARIS March 08, 2013

Yacine Dermoun Photographer & Skater

I met Yacine, when I was at work. He dropped by our store on a monday afternoon. He was wearing this red denim campus jacket, with a simple plain white tee shirt & was rocking those blue Wells Leather Ox from Converse...