Le Journal De Bord
An Irish Goobye
 - 2 cities issue.


256 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Color Offset
First Edition print in June 2018

Features interviews from

Pon Ding
GreenRoom Ideas Cooperation
Dull Boys
Giovanni Urgelles


Guibert Guillaume
Giovanni Urgelles
Farade Julian
Lahiru  Weladawe
Mouris Saidou-Babio
Rayan  Menmekhbi 


editor's note

I should have spent twenty days in Mexico city but due to personal safety & additional circumstances (more on the following pages). I had to shorten my trip and come back to Paris. I was upset & frustrated to cancel the voyage and obviously to not to be able to achieve what I had planned a few months before (interviews, meetings, photography work) & most of all enjoy my traveling experience. At this precise time, I decided to cancel the release of the issue. I didn’t want to produce anything. The following weeks and after a long moment of reflexion, I took the decision to leave again then look for a new place to stay.

When it comes to beginning a new Journal, the first thing I intend is to find creative people. Once found, I send an e-mail. My first idea (after hitting Tokyo in 2016) was to go back in Asia, in Korea. I decided to contact people over there. Besides, I had a friend who was living in Taiwan. The first answered I received came from Taipei. The choice was simple. I didn’t know any people that went to Taiwan before. The motivation was there. Even know I only had one interview made in Mexico City & a few pictures, I knew I could do something more. In the end, it is not one trip, but two séjour combined in one issue. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

limited edition of 50 copies hand numbered



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