I met with LC through my friend Denzel two days after listening to some of his music in his car. He quickly set up a meeting with him.We caught up with LC after a late night drive when he was with some of his pals.. A few days later he picked me up and we went to see some of his friends in their working studio. We sat down, bought some drinks, enjoyed the sunset while discussing with his producer Josh who was already there. It was an interesting afternoon.

à Taipei, l'entretien avec LC & Josh.

Interview & Photography Farade Nicolas

Can you give a quick introduction to you guys?
: I am a music producer I grew up in Taipei.  I started to make music at 16 years old by watching some stuff on Youtube. I started by using a Mpc1000 to produce beats.
LC: My Name is LC I am a rapper from Taipei and I represent the town MJ. I start making music when I was 20 years old. Josh & I made a mixtape together « We Rap Good ».

How did you guys meet?
LC: How did I meet you, man? (laughs) I think through mutual friends! After a show, he came to my house and we started chilling, discussing music stuff you know, nothing really serious at first.
Josh: Yes then we began to work together on a few songs. He introduced me to the East Coast music style. I wasn’t into it as much as he was. We used to buy CDs just to get a feeling about which kind of music we enjoyed. It was quite hard to hear new shit, to just discover new artists over here.

Which artists inspired you to push forward?
: I really like the 50 Cent song  « In Da Club ». But I started to rap before getting into producing. 
LC: At that time definitely 50 Cent as well. When he dropped his first album I was 12 years old and I was dancing to it, I was like « Fuck dancing! I want to be like him ».

So you were dancing before rapping?
LC: Yes I was.

Josh, what do you like about LC's way of rapping?
: Everything man. His energy, his rawness. He kills it.
LC: I remember that Josh bought this old MPC and that he learned everything by watching Youtube videos. I got to say that my inspiration comes from many stuff but mostly because I was listening to a lot of OG rap music from the 90s era. We were definitely way more into that music period that what came after 2000. But I guess our style as evolving a bit. We are doing a different style of Hip Hop music nowadays, well, at least we are trying to.

How do you guys usually work?
LC: Actually Josh is living at my house.

Oh really? I guess you must be doing music all the time then...
LC: All fucking night man, none stop! Josh doesn’t really sleep. I always go to sleep way before him because I got stuff to do in the morning and usually when I wake up he goes to sleep! For example, he will produce 3 beats a day and I will just have to pick one, it’s crazy. 

What about your parents, they were cool with this, seeing you making music?
: Not really, they thought it was useless, they told me to stop doing it, that I couldn’t make any money from it. 
LC: I think many Asian parents are still thinking like this.

But you were dancing, it's kinda the same creative process…
LC: Well dancing is just for fun, it won’t cost you any money. But when you start doing music, it slightly different because you have to provide for yourself, for example, you need to rent a place to record, you have to dress nice, buy shoes all the time, you need to have swag! 

What do you think about the music scene in Taipei?
LC: I think its getting way better now. Many artists from Taipei are now going to China to promote their music and they are doing really good out there. 

You told me that it is kinda hard to talk about a specific subject in your lyrics could you develop this thought?
LC: Yes, well we can talk about everything here, but in China we cannot, we have to change our lyrics when we perform there.
Josh: By doing another version, you know a cleaner version.  It’s not like they mute your lyrics like they're doing in the US when you are cursing or so, it is just that you have to work on another version of the song. If the government think you are trying to enroll people they will fuck you up. 


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