To be honest I ‘m not always paying attention to the people I freshly met. I first heard about Les Petites Séries from a friend who carried one of the small accessory from the brand.  I was curious to meet the guy behind the brand. I met with Julien in his office to learn more about the way he creates and took time to shoot a small editorial of the brand.

à Paris, discussion avec Julien Reignoux

Interview & Photography Farade Nicolas (issue04)


Give us an introduction on who you are and what do you do?

My name is Julien Reignoux and I work as a costume designer for the cinema. I recently created my own clothes and accessories brand “Les Petites Séries” made in Paris.

How could you best describe your range and your disciplines?

The products are a mix of new textile technologies (reflective zips) and more traditional materials such as cotton, denim and leather. I like creating clothes and accessories that combine new textile technologies – reflective materials, waterproof zips, water repellent canvas – and more traditional materials such as cotton, denim, leather and wool.

Why did you decided to start your own brand?

My passion for fabrics and different materials led me to create it. I wanted to create clothes and accessories that I would wear myself and that fit with my way of life.

What was the first item you designed?

The fist item designed for Les Petites Séries was the minimal pocket. The first one was the grey leather one.

Do you do a lot of sketches and technical drawings beforehand?

Yes, tons of it !

Do you need to be surrounded by design in order to be inspired?

I wouldn’t say I need it but I guess it helps of course.

In my opinion history of a product made it more appealing, why is that history so important to you?

Indeed each product has its own history and this is probably what makes it unique. This history is important because behind the actual product there is a person with an idea usually inspired by the history of the person itself. But history does not make it all.

What are your first ideas before creating them, if we pick the minimal pockets, can you walk a little bit throughout the process?

Often the ideas come from the need and the utility of an object. For example, the idea for the minimal pocket came out because I needed something to put my ID, credit card and phone, etc whenever I went out and especially when I went I out on a ride with my motocyrcle.

Form follows function or function follows form?

That’s a tough one! Which came first : the chicken or the egg? More seriously it really depends on the item, it can be both. 

You work with great & exciting materials, How do you do your research for what would be a greater material than another one?

Thanks ! I am always in search of new materials. Each country has its own skills, that’s why, in the interest of quality, raw materials come from different countries: France, Italy, Japan, USA., ect...

If you could pick three words to define your brand what would they be?

Quality, Style and Simplicity.

What is the hardest part of having your own clothing line?

Making your brand and your products known.

Do you have days, where you would like to stop it all and start over with something completely different?

Not so far ! Les Petites Séries allows me to create a various range of products. And it doesn’t stop me from doing other things or having other projects aside.

What motivates and drives you on?

When I see people wearing my clothes or using my accessories and that they’re happy with them !

How long have you been living in Paris?

I grew up in the suburbs and I’ve been living in Paris for almost 10 years.

What do you like the most about the city?

Cultural diversity and the fact that you can find almost anything you want.

Do you think Paris - as one of the most important city for the fashion world - is still good for new creators to do their own things?

Yes because Paris is stimulating but it can be difficult to have your items produced financially speaking and also in terms of skills.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start his own thing?

Don’t get discouraged if manufacturers become difficult to deal with!

What do you want to see develop for Les Petites Séries?

A clothing line using even more innovative materials.


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