The book that was supposed to be at the beginning something like an experimental essay, became tangible when it went from a digital web page to a physical object. The evolution of Le Journal throughout the years was something significant to my own self. From the first one made after an exhibition held in Paris with the collaborative support from DC SHOES Europe and TheHUB. I didn't know where I was going with this project. It's exciting to see the growth whilst looking at the previous releases. All the books were produced in Italy, except for the first one and they are always limited to 100 copies.


A5 size
Limited to 100 copies
Classic demimatt - Matt coating
Inside pages 130 g
Cover 300 g
Full Color


tome 06. 

tome 03.

tome 05. 

2012+Berlin ISSUE, No.02.png

tome 02.

tome 04.

2012+Spécial ISSUE+in+collaboration+with+DCSHOES, No.01.png

tome 01.