SPECIAL EDITION - PORTRAIT vol. 01: Julian Farade

Le Journal De Bord, special edition Portrait, a glimpse into the creative mindset of the multidisciplinary artist Julian Farade.

I am in Taipei whilst finishing the first essay made on my brother’s body of work. It is Tuesday 21 August 2018, 13.22 pm. I ate and I am going through some inspiring talks to help me focus on things. I feel thrilled at the idea to publish his very first monography about a part of his work. While reviewing the project, I felt anxious about the idea to not be able to showcase what I know about him, his strengths, confidence, and insights on life. I needed to be accurate. In less than two months we talked about this project, what had to do, what we could think about and how should we begin and conclude. 

Journal De Bord Ed.
A4 size (21x29cm)
Limited to 50 copies

Classic Demimatt - Matt Coated
Cover 300 g

Inside Pages 130 g
Full Color
84 Pages

Published in October 2018, in Taipei.


Journal de Bord Ed.
A5 size (15x21cm)
Limited to 70 copies

Recycled Paper
Cover 300 g

Inside Pages 120 g
Full Color
256 Pages

Published in May 2018, in Paris.

CURRENT ISSUE, volume 07. (Sold out)

Welcome back to this new experimental essay, this new chapter. This time it has changed a bit with two cities in one issue I tried to develop and storytelling what happened during my two consecutive séjour in Mexico City then Taipei. With more pages than the past issues, a design makeover, inside paper revised, a few sections added here and there, this is the most complete volume produced - yet.

PAST ISSUE, Keeping track.

The book that was supposed to be at the beginning something like an experimental essay, became tangible when it went from a digital web page to a physical object. The evolution of Le Journal throughout the years was something significant to my own self. From the first one made after an exhibition held in Paris with the collaborative support from DC SHOES Europe and TheHUB. I didn't know where I was going with this project. It's exciting to see the growth whilst looking at the previous releases. All the books were produced in Italy, except for the first one and they are always limited to 100 copies.


Journal de Bord Ed.

A5 size
Limited to 100 copies
Classic demimatt - Matt coating
Inside pages 130 g
Cover 300 g
Full Color


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