Days with Taro Lin, an original podcast for le Journal.

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A Musical Journey

Des Jours avec TARO LIN | podcast.00 - Hip Hop

I asked my good homie & talented producer Taro Lin to make a quick podcast for Le Journal, he came up with some heavy shit I wasn't prepared for that at all, man those 50 minutes are straight fire, only bangers tracks cooked up with love & affection.

 All of these songs are newly released within the past 3 or 4 years except for the two at 20:50 and 35:17, which are both 90s material.

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A Musical Journey / vol 01.

A Musical Journey 

Des Jours d'Hiver | podcast.01 - A Mix Of Genre.

It has been a while since I did my last musical podcast, maybe a few months maybe more, perhaps less... I used to upload a bunch of those on a Soundcloud account a few years ago. I felt the need to start recording some. Please, take the time to enjoy the the very first of many more to come.

A Musical Journey / vol 04.

A Musical Journey 

Des Jours En Famille | podcast.04 - Blues.

I started to edit 2 musical podcast at the same time but I didn't knew which one I should have chosen to begin this 4th volume. I finally decided to upload this one, not saying that I didn't like what I've done it is just that I take so much pleasure doing this.

A Musical Journey / vol 02.

A Musical Journey

Des Jours Sans | podcast.02 - Soul & Rnb. 

This is the second installment of the Musical Journey. This one is more Soul & RnB oriented compared to the previous one above. I was digging through my old 35mm pictures from the time I went to Bordeaux and I felt a bit moody about it.

000002 copie.JPG

A Musical Journey

Des Jours Oubliés | podcast.05 - Funk.

Already the 5th musical podcast, and I am satisfied with all of them so far. I enjoy working on these, thinking about all the small details, making sure that everything is in the right place, where it is supposed to be. More days to go.

A Musical Journey / vol 03.

A Musical Journey

Des Jours Sur La Route | podcast.03 - Jazz. 

Since searching music to make a podcast obviously could take a while it appears that I am always doing a bunch of things at the same time either it is writting, editing or cooking. That is exactly why I wanted to share with you guys this particular one. 

A Musical Journey / vol 06.

A Musical Journey

Des Jours Complets | podcast.06 - Trip Hop.

This one was definitely the easier to do, made it in one night approximatively. Just because Jazz & Trip Hop are usually the music I listen to the most those past years. From Radiohead to the classic Telepopmusik to UNKLE, I can't get tired of it.




A Musical Journey

Des Jours avec DJ CAM | podcast.07

The following musical podcast that will follow during upcoming weeks will be focused on specific artist. The first one is dedicated to one of my favorite DJ, Laurent Daumail aka DJ CAM. Please enjoy this 1hour mix I created, it's a brief compilation of a few of his albums, the ones I usually listen, not in any specific order, just sharing love through his wonderful tunes..

— Awareness.