Purple Radio.

While maintaining the idea that musical podcast is a very good reflection of le Journal de Bord aesthetic & philosophy we are proud to introduce you Purple Radio, an essential track-list to accompany you on your daily journey. I specially asked some of my closest friends and music tasters to gather & share positives vibes throughout music. Hope you’ll enjoy our Purples Sessions and spread the Purple feeling.

Feb. 22.02 | Purple Radio - Episode 1, host by Farade Nicolas.


Previous Radio SHows


16.02.2018 | Chapitre, no. 04
Since searching music to make a mix could take a while (a few days or so, depending on the motivation) it appears that I am always doing a bunch of things at the same time. Either it is writing, editing or even cooking (sometimes). That is exactly why I needed to share this particular one with you. I always find inspiration looking through the pictures taken.



04.02.2018 | Chapitre, no. 03
A movie, a clip or documentary. A visual or a sound catches your attention. I have been looking at many documentaries and listening musical master speaking. I found appealing the way they dressed back then, John Coltrane, Chet Baker, Miles, the greatest. They all look cool as fuck. I wanted to pay a small homage to those legends on this one..

A Musical Journey / vol 03.


14.01.2018 | Chapitre, no. 02
This is the second installment, This one is more Soul & RnB oriented compared to the previous one below. I was digging through my old 35mm pictures from the time I went to Bordeaux and I felt a bit moody while looking at them. During those kind of short trip I enjoy spending time listening to down tempo tracks, especially when on the train, looking through the windows and picturing myself with a beloved one.



13.01.2018 | Chapitre, no. 01
It has been a while since I made a musical podcast, maybe a few months maybe more, perhaps less... I used to upload a bunch of those on a Soundcloud account a few years ago. I felt the need to start recording some. Please, take the time to enjoy the very first of many more to come.

A Musical Journey / vol 01.