Le Journal De Bord
- A Glimpse Into The Creative Mindset of Multidisciplinary Artist Julian Farade, this is a special edition produced by Journal De Bord Press

On Request Only

84 Pages
21 x  29,7 cm
Binding - Perfect Bound
Paper type - Classic Demimatt Binding
First Edition print in June 2018

Features interviews from

Julian Farade


editor's note

I am in Taipei whilst finishing the first essay made on my brother’s body of work. It is Tuesday 21 August 2018, 13.22 pm. I ate and I am going through some inspiring talks to help me focus on things. I feel thrilled at the idea to publish his very first monography about a part of his work. While reviewing the project, I felt anxious about the idea to not be able to showcase what I know about him, his strengths, confidence, and insights on life. I needed to be accurate. In less than two months we talked about this project, what had to do, what we could think about and how should we begin and conclude. 

It was experimental, everything is. I don’t have a specific agenda especially when I work on something unique. However, this time was different, even if I am still producing the whole entity, conceiving the layout and shaping everything from A to Z, it wasn’t about me. I wasn’t worried about how it could look. I was confident about the final outcome. I wouldn’t say it was easy yet, consistency is important. I was glad that even after all our discussions he was still willing to let me produce an object that will last long and assisting to build one house of ideas. It wasn’t a long process since the material was there, he had produced so much content throughout the years. Selecting what we wanted to put inside was the easiest part. I didn’t want it to be just a random object without a soul, a series of images with no meaning. It is his first booklet.


The following edition is only available on request, if you’d like to purchase one issue please, send me an email at nicolas.farade@gmail.com

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