Le Journal De Bord
- A Glimpse Into The Creative Mindset of musician LC. This is a special edition produced by Journal De Bord Press & éditions.

On Request Only

88 Pages
14,8 x  21 cm
Binding - Perfect Bound
Paper type - Classic Demimatt Binding
Language: English & Chinese

editor's note

My first contact with LC happened in 2017, a few days after my arrival in Taipei, a Friday night, I was heading nearby Ximen district with Denzel a great friend & musician met during a party in Tokyo a year before. While driving he put LC’s latest tracks so I could get a precise idea of his music style: Raw & Melodic. He often describes him as a big brother. When we arrived, LC was outside, cigarette in his left hand standing on the steps with a nonchalant air. We got out the car, said hello to each other, then, he proposed to head for a small alley not far, we didn’t stay long, probably a half hour to talk. Two days later LC asked if I could join him to meet a few of his friends. He picked me up direction Yuanshan area where I was introduce to Phate & Mickey, two talented filmmakers founders of Stay High Crew, the creative force behind most of his music videos. I spent the whole afternoon there where I mostly took pictures.

When I came back to Taipei past November I began to think about producing a new Portrait book. I have to be honest, LC was the main person I thought about. I didn’t say anything to him at first, however being around him, hanging out and seeing his music performances a few times, I knew it was all about timing. 

It took a few months and I thought about dropping everything off because I presumed I wouldn’t be able to manage this project. 2019, a new year, a new emulation. We eventually found the necessary time to sat down twice to exchange about everything.

I am more than pleased to introduce you this gifted guy, to give you a glimpse in the creative mindset of musician, storyteller LC. 

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