Pictures from Taipei, process on my new book project, informations coming soon…

OUR JOURNEY / take a seat and enjoy the diverse serie of pictures took during our travelling break.  Throughout the lens of different people you will get a preview of their journey spent in various cities, country around the globe. Click on the selecting pictures and pick your favourite desination.

CONTENTS / music, photography, art & design. This is what you will find and get when you stumble on this page. Maybe more, maybe less but an overall aesthetic based on a desire to share things we appreciate and care about. Don't hesitate if you want to get in touch with us.

THE INTERVIEWS / the aim of le Journal was to show my insight view on life. An important part of it was about meeting with inspiring people. In each cities I had the chance to visit I took the time to sat with a few of them, discuss about their path, body of work, ethic & future aspirations.